The Ring by Elbi Elem

The Ring. Elbi Elem. Photo Clara Anton Artwork

Catalan artist Elbi Elem painted a new piece for Contorno Urbano, an open-air art gallery in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain).

About The Mural
The March artist for the Project 12+1 by Contorno Urbano in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat is Elbi Elem. In her new piece titled “The ring”, she uses the architecture elements and colors that surround the wall. The result is an integration in the environment with geometric elements that expand and transform the space. The piece can be really understood from a point of view using the perspective. So you can see the lines of the buildings and adjacent walls, the railing, the cables of the train that passes constantly by. The railing can be seen as a stairway or the same railroad track. The ring continued shaping a flexible tube attached to the railing that gives further movement.
And it is precisely the movement the meaning of this mural, meaning traveling, dynamism and moving forward.

About The Artist
Elbi Elem, until recently known as ‘Labuenaylamala’ lives and works in Barcelona.
Attracted by nature, with a clear interest in the movement and composition of forms in space, Elbi specializes in what we can call ‘abstract nature’ with a clear interest in the creation, the movement and the volume of forms in space. She works with a large variety of materials and uses architecture and urban landscapes as a great source of inspiration. Eli Elem has been making kinetic sculpture and anamorphic interventions since 2002, mixing painting in murals and 3D-dimensional installations and creating visual effects by their own projection or point of view. Her source of inspirations are a large variety of materials used, architecture, urban landscapes and street textures.

 About Contorno Urbano
Contorno Urbano is a cultural association based in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat which aims to properly integrate urban art and graffiti into the cultural life of the city, to spread artistic knowledge, to improve the city’s social fabric and ultimately people’s lives. Contorno Urbano works in collaboration with local institutions, businesses, and cultural mediators. The team has over 10 years of experience in murals and urban art dissemination, as well as having worked on an international project.

Elbi Elem: web | facebook | instagram
Contorno Urbano: web | facebook | instagram | twitter

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