Draw The Line is Southern Italy’s highly acclaimed graffiti and street art festival gathering artists from all over the world to the serene town of Campobasso, set in the mountains. This years’ edition brought talent that included Dado Ferri (Bologna) and Antonello “Macs(Abruzzo) to transform walls into public masterpieces. It also led Northern-Italian artist Vesod there to create a new mural titled ‘Lights on the Horizon.’

About the Mural

“We often focus on our idea, but compared to everything around us, our beliefs lose their value”

This mural features both mathematical and abstract elements blended delightfully to represent the true essence of Vesod’s style. It harmonizes anatomic proportion and futuristic dynamics that’s become his personal language communicating time as more of a concept. Here, time is represented in closed immaterial solid shapes and crystallized geometric shapes that Vesod used to provoke the idea of the eternal present.

His excellence at creating three dimensional facades of space is wonderfully displayed in the imagery of the girl sitting in a chair, that’s positioned to feel like we’re looking over her shoulder. Vesod does this to illustrate a single moment, and how the essence of a single moment makes the flow of time seem less important. He believes people can detach themselves from a vision of the world or a single person that’s linked to the present we live in.

This has become the core of his artwork. Imagery that stimulates the thought of how we can embrace things from birth to death, and what emerges in between.



About the Artist

Vesod (1981) was born in Turin and still resides in Italy’s Piedmont Region in a rural town called Venaria Reale. His artistic roots stem from his father, Dovilio Brero, an established surrealist painter that nurtured his son’s interest in art at an early age. Although Vesod felt inspired by the Renaissance period, and the classical art and architecture that surrounded him in the city, in the early 90’s he decided to enter into the world of graffiti.

Despite the solid network of contacts he developed from his teenage years’ when he first started, it’s only recent that he’s taken a more professional approach with his artwork. Over the last decade he’s split his time to focus on both his academics, earning a degree in mathematics while also exploring his artistic interests in different graffiti styles and techniques.

All of these aspects have impacted his current style that blends elements of mathematics with Renaissance art and futurism.

About Draw The Line

Founded in 2011, Draw The Line is an international graffiti and street art festival in Campobasso (Molise, Italy). Curated by Associati Malatesta, it not only brings modern art to the city, it aims to redevelop deprived areas and transform them into beautiful and cultural havens- amongst clean air, serenity, outdoor sports and art.

Since the festivals launch that was publicly funded, they’ve become a private organization, still passionate and driven to give cities something new and exciting to see.

Vesod: website | facebook | instagram
Draw The Line: : facebook  |  instagram

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