Barcelona artist Elbi Elem visited Italy to paint her latest mural for the Without Frontiers Festival in Mantova where street artists like Etnik, Corn79 or Panem have participated.

About The Mural

The idea behind this mural was once again is to integrate the composition in its environment. The artist mentioned that she played with the neighboring balconies of the building to create depth and integrate the graphic abstract painting in the landscape. She also used an earthy colors palette from the surroundings.

The mural is mainly composed of lines which all converge on the same point. This very movement is inspired by the Sun of Lunetta, which gave its title to the mural : ‘Lunetta Sole’.

About The Artist 

Elbi Elem, until recently known as ‘Labuenaylamala’, lives and works in Barcelona. She started making kinetic sculpture in 2002. She is specialized in what we can call ‘abstract nature’ with a clear interest in the creation, the movement and the volume of forms in space. She works with a large variety of materials and uses architecture and urban landscapes as a great source of inspiration. Elbi Elem uses 3D installations to make visual effects and create a new work out of their own projections.

About Without Frontiers Festival 

Without Frontiers is an Italian street art festival curated by Simona Gavioli and Giulia Giliberti which mainly gathers Italian artists. Artists like Corn79, Etnik, Panem et Circenses, Fabio Petani, Made 514, Zedz and Elbi Elem participated to the event.

Elbi Elem: web | facebook | instagram

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